Workshops on a wide variety of subjects are offered throughout the year. Email me at to receive up to date information.

Introduction to Shamanism

A two-hour session for individuals and groups with Facetime, Skype and Zoom

Working with a creative visualization process called shamanic journeying, we will focus on compassionate self-understanding, learn from the powers of the higher self and connect with the guidance of Universal wisdom.

Embracing these ancient spiritual practices will help us move past limiting blocks and patterns, reconnect with our personal power and more easily navigate these turbulent times.

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Fire In The Heart

A women’s day of retreat, exploration & manifestation

Los Angeles, TBA

Working with a creative visualization process called shamanic journeying, our focus will be on compassionate self-understanding, healing blocks and limitations while deepening your relationship with the powers of your higher self.

Together we will:

  • Embrace the importance of working with the wisdom of the higher self.
  • Learn to recognize the ego mind’s self-defeating inner dialogue and repetitive patterns.
  • Examine the myth of needing to be saved in order to be whole.
  • Work to heal the bondage of guilt, shame and dysfunctional ancestral narratives.
  • Compile strategies for understanding and healing relationships.

If you are unable to attend, individual sessions are available in person, or with Facetime & Skype

Allowing the Extraordinary

An actor’s day of retreat and exploration

Los Angeles, TBA

As we expand our consciousness, we inevitably begin to rediscover an enlivened sense of personal power and a true connection to life’s purpose.

In this workshop, while continuing to work with the Muse, we’ll explore:

  • Manifestations for 2020 as we nourish the grounds of our higher frequencies.
  • An expanded connection to our innate intuitive and extra sensory gifts.
  • The ancient divination practices of card reading (angel, animal, soul, etc.) enhanced by shamanic journeying techniques.
  • Healing limited, dysfunctional patterns through dimensional shifts while allowing enthusiasm and joy to rule our daily lives.

You – that is, the higher you – is your best guide… you are your own ultimate teacher! Let your higher self point the way to your wondrous inner gifts!

Expanding into Extra Sensory Consciousness

Los Angeles, TBA

Learning to silence our minds and bodies we quite naturally begin opening to our innate abilities and our connection to realms that exist just beyond the veil of the five senses. This workshop explores intuition, empathy and telepathic connectedness… things that belong naturally to our birthright as human beings. As we expand this understanding, we inevitably begin to rediscover our joyfully enlivened sense of personal power and a true connection to our sense of oneness.

Living in Harmony with your Higher Self

…A workshop for mothers!

Los Angeles, TBA

While navigating the often overwhelming complexities of parenting, we frequently find ourselves holding pain, anger and confusion… all of which can lead to a muddied energy field, discomfort and a growing sense of frustration connected to our parenting skills. In this workshop, through guided meditation and creative visualization, you’ll learn to let go of what is not working for your family’s best and highest good, align with the power of your higher self, while exploring strategies to live more fully as a compassionate, happy parent and partner.

Do you regularly communicate with your Higher Self… the exciting part of you that is wise, compassionate and connected to unlimited insight?

In this day of retreat, with guided meditation and creative visualization, you’ll develop techniques to help in hearing your higher self and the ability to discern between the fear-based voice of the ego mind and the infinite/eternal voice of your higher self. The higher self does not judge, criticize or operate from a place of fear. If you feel physical sensations of lightness, love, energy, happiness, etc., you are connecting to the higher self.

You – that is, the higher you – is your best guide… you are your own ultimate teacher! Your life will take on a whole new meaning – and possibly a whole new direction if you let your higher self point you toward what is right for you.

Oracles & Seers: Opening to the Realms of Infinite Wisdom

Los Angeles, TBA

By accessing our higher selves and connecting to the realms just beyond the veil of the five senses our lives automatically grow deeper and richer, while feeling abundantly enlivened. This workshop will explore many methods used by Oracles and Seers over the centuries to open the doors essential for growth, healing and wisdom. Intuition can be hard to understand as it rarely shouts! Learn to listen & see as it enters your heart.

Together we will explore:

  • Increasing your Sense of Clairvoyance & Clairaudience
  • Learning to Read Signs and Messages
  • Healing yourself and others with the Telepathic Mind
  • Crystal Gazing & Precognition

Apprenticeship Programs Level I & II

Individual or group apprenticeship programs may be arranged for long-term Shamanic study. Level I includes the study of those areas that can help us see with expanded perceptions into ourselves, the natural world and other dimensional realms. Level II continues with introductions to Shamanic Counseling, Weather Shamanism and Initiations.
Payments & Cancellations:

How do I pay for services and workshops?
Payments can be made by cash or check and through Venmo at sarah-finlay
Zoom, Skype, Facetime and phone must be paid prior to the session.

How do I cancel a session?
Sessions may be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the appointment. After that a client will be asked to pay the full charge unless they can rebook their session within the same business week.