Ninety-minute sessions are offered in the Beachwood Canyon area of Los Angeles as well as via Skype, FaceTime, Phone or Zoom.

Distance healing can be carried out effectively as healing occurs whether the client and the shamanic practitioner are in the same room or different locations.

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Counseling & Shamanic Healing

In a series of sessions, you will work with guided meditation, creative visualization or shamanic journeying, gaining insight into what is needed for you to move past painful issues, confusing patterns or limiting beliefs. This counseling and coaching process is a powerful aid in the healing of both emotional and spiritual wounds and often works best accommodated by Soul Retrieval and Extraction Healing.

Soul Retrieval

When we experience traumatic events, whether small or large, we can become fractured and disengaged, leading to a drop in the vitality of our physical, mental and emotional well being. With the shamanic soul retrieval process we will seek out the energetic aspects that have been lost to your vital being and work to return these energies with a resulting increase in vitality, energy, health and an overall sense of wholeness.

Extraction Healing

With the fracturing of emotional or spiritual aspects, such as with soul loss, there are often spaces in which unwanted energies can become lodged in your body or etheric field. Such intrusive energies can lead to physical, emotional and mental unrest. In the extraction healing process, we will work to clear these energetic intrusions.

Working with the Muse: Creativity, Consciousness and Empowerment

In individual sessions or group workshops, tools are provided for evolving with energy, power and health, while living more strongly connected to the higher self.

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Couples Empowerment

In a series of sessions with your partner, you will open to a more empowered relationship. You will develop tools to access clear, respectful communication and disengage from limiting patterns. You will learn to share intimacy and power more fluidly while understanding the importance of boundaries.


This recording is meant to be used with journeying, guided meditation or creative visualization. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and listen to the drum as you drop into the alpha levels of expanded consciousness.​



I often describe Sarah as my spiritual and life mentor and this comes from a great deal of comfort felt when you are in her presence. I have learned so much about myself and others over the last few years through our work together. I have experienced great healing of past trauma associated with familial relationships and a greater understanding of the connectedness of it all. I am so grateful for the compassion she has shown me and for the wisdom she has shared. Our work together has empowered me in my day to day life. She truly has a gift; anyone who values personal growth would benefit from having Sarah in their life.

Jennyfer L., Los Angeles


Sarah Finlay has opened a whole new world to me. I first met her five years ago when I was struggling through postpartum depression. We began there, traveling inside myself to meet the infinite and heal. With Sarah I have discovered my sacred garden, muses, spirit guides, and parts of myself like my ego and my higher self- really the core of who I truly am. Her soul retrieval work is a beautiful ceremony of sound and intuition. When I go to work in her peaceful space we know to break out the tissues because some beautiful and soul touching lessons are definitely coming our way. Perhaps my favorite part of working with Sarah is getting to know animal spirits and taking their messages into my daily life. There is so much more to living this life than I was experiencing before my play time with Sarah began. I am endlessly grateful for this work and to have Sarah as a guide and mentor.

M.E., Los Angeles


Sarah Finlay has opened my eyes to a whole new world… one that has really helped me in this one. She has grace, kindness, and wisdom – the kind of guide I need to journey compassionately into my soul.

G.M., Los Angeles

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