How often do we perceive others as being better than us? This is a trap of the ego mind’s story telling program.  There is no one greater than you… only those who have learned to embrace and reveal the gifts of their soul.

As small children, we’re able to fly free with our joyful connection to the world around us and our sense of self, but as we become more programmed into society’s expectations, we begin to clip our own wings, to feel “less than” and to find ourselves diminished in the clarity of our own, unique soul’s path.

It should be no surprise that the first story in the bible connects to guilt, shame and the banishment from the Garden of Eden.  No longer connected to god, because of our loss of innocence, we leave paradise, begin to hide ourselves and are overwhelmed with our loss of joy.   Isn’t that the same route most of us follow in our lives from childhood to adolescence, to adulthood?   

As the ego mind grows in its control over our higher self, our innocence, our compassionate nature, our intuitive intelligence and our sense of joy are diminished, leaving us feeling miserable, anxious and “less than”.   Often we try to BE something we’re not… smashing our heads into a wall of resistance, unable to let go of what we think will allow us to finally feel good. If ONLY I achieve “this” then I’ll love myself, finally relax and breathe.  But the famed carrot before the horse seldom lets up and we find ourselves stuck on the treadmill of life with the Hungry Ghost (more about that soon!) looking to feed itself from the many sides in the trough of our addictions.  

But in truth each of us comes into existence with a wealth of gifts.  Each of us has a soul that is wise, creative and filled with wisdom. Sometimes all it takes is to stop the ego mind for jus a moment and to then sense the energy of a joyful, creative, energetic perspective.  

Think of the soul not as an organ within the body, like the liver or spleen, but rather an energetic cord… like a violin string or beam of light… that stretches into all time, past, present and future.  See this cord as holding the abundance of information needed to connect with the surrounding intelligence of the Universe and all that you have been or will be. Just close your eyes for a minute and think of your soul like that with its infinite potential and wisdom.  We are everything in all time and space. We are a piece of the divine oneness and able to shake the limiting sense of “me and mine”. 

Journey to the Upper World to connect more deeply with this aspect of your being, your soul.   Feel it, know, and align as deeply as you can with your soul’s existence. Ask your soul what you need to know to reconnect with your sense of joy, compassion and self-love.   What are your soul’s gifts?