After decades of a tireless search, I am finally able to embrace and understand one truth.  We are surrounded by an Intelligent Universe and this great Being wishes only to help us expand past the limitations of our ego mind’s deadening grip.   When we open the door to the higher self and embrace our innate intuitive intelligence, we fearlessly come to see that the ego mind does not work for our best and highest good. 

The ego mind dwells in areas of darkness, fear, judgment, rage, self-hatred, arrogance, paralyses, doubt, and addiction…  largely unable to allow our connection to joy. We think we want to achieve happiness but even that is often controlled by the ego’s grip.  Happiness can be illusive and linked to what we think we need or want in the moment of the physical realm.  We move along a path of tireless WANT. We try to achieve, we want to HAVE but even if we do acquire or have what we think will make us happy, it is predominantly short lived.  We continue to chase the famed ever-illusive carrot throughout our lifetimes, searching to relieve an inner itch, a pain that we can’t even totally comprehend. 

The physical world, a realm of life and death, cycles, duality, and change, does not allow us to find solid happiness or a sense of permanence.  This realm is a place of constant change and one to which we ourselves adhere. We are conceived from seed and sperm in a mystical surge of energy, and so begins our limited experience on Earth. We live this time in a period of constant change until the moment when we draw our last breath, releasing our energetic body back to an unknowable realm.  We are never the same, minute-by-minute, week-by-week, and year-by-year, a constant rise and fall of feelings, senses, wants, desires and emotions. Our bodies change daily, our perspectives and needs all living in dance on the floor of potential. 

In the time that we are here, the Earth is our given canvas and everything that exists at this moment has been the conception of what we accept as our reality.  We create externally what exists within our mind’s meanderings and then accept moment-by-moment what we think is the one true way. Money, mortgages, art, music, government, the school system, god, religion, marriage, how we think of death, heaven, hell, and on and on… all generated internally and projected out onto Earth’s infinite canvas.

In many ways our creations are immensely exciting and ingeniously powerful, but in other ways, our planet is sagging from the excesses of our careless evolutionary creations.  We have soiled our own bed and now many of us feel overwhelmed by our self-inflicted wounds. In the realm of infinite potential why are we blindly accepting these programmed realities?  

From the time we are young children our minds are available for programming and our parents, schools, religious organizations, and governments tell us who we should aim to be.  Like all creatures, we learn what to expect and are often not able to break free from this structure even though it creates anxiety, misery and despair. 

Now more than ever, our sense of life’s pleasure is largely induced through some form of screen interaction… social networking, phones, televisions, virtual reality, etc.  We are plugged into what we want and need and although often unsatisfied, we find ourselves unable to change our direction. The addiction is deep and we simply don’t know how to disengage or even how we can replace these realities.  We feel stuck, unfulfilled and disengaged but don’t know how to move forward. We don’t feel right in ourselves and don’t even know why.  

Journey to the upper world to find “what is my innate power and what is my soul’s path on this journey through life”?